Your Future Customers Are On
Are You?

What is FuelSnap?

FuelSnap is the new go-to marketplace for heating oil. Designed specifically for homeowners that want to buy oil on-demand, FuelSnap is a one-stop shop for heating oil.

Works with the Smart Oil Gauge

Will-Call customers are loving the Smart Oil Gauge. Now they can reorder right from their app. They pay with a credit card, and only order exactly what their tank can hold. Get in front of the Smart Oil Gauge user base and reach more customers right away.

Will-Call customers can access FuelSnap's heating oil marketplace right from their smartphone app

Sell More Heating Oil

  • Reach more customers - without spending a dime on advertising
  • Simply set prices, and let the orders roll in.
FuelSnap allows customers to find local oil dealers at the best prices

Deliver on Your Own Terms

  • Deliver when you want - where you want.
  • Set your delivery areas and delivery dates so customers know you're in their area.
Get prepaid credit card orders for heating oil

Get Paid Fast

  • Funds delivered to your merchant account as soon as the next day.
  • No phone calls.
  • No checks to cash

Frequently Asked Questions

➢ Why join FuelSnap?

Sell more fuel, period. You have nothing to lose by joining FuelSnap – just more orders to gain. You control pricing, delivery dates, and delivery areas. Orders that come in are already pre-captured on the homeowner’s credit card, so you’ll be paid as soon as the next day. No phone calls to take, checks to deposit, or cash to collect on delivery. Deliver on your own terms, and increase your delivery volume with FuelSnap.

➢ Why is FuelSnap so important to my business?

FuelSnap users are your future heating oil customer. They want to do everything on their phone – from adjusting their thermostat, to ordering dog food – and now ordering heating oil too. These customers care more about reliability of a dealer than price, and are not the dreaded ‘COD’ customers of years past.

➢ Can I set my own pricing on FuelSnap?

Yes! You have full control over your pricing, so you can charge whatever is fair. If you would like to charge extra on Sundays, or set a premium for ‘same day’ delivery, you can do that as well.

➢ How much does it cost to join FuelSnap?

FuelSnap is free to join! We simply earn a small referral fee of five cents per gallon on each order that is taken and successfully delivered by you.

➢ How soon will I be paid?

With FuelSnap, there’s no middleman holding money from you. We’ll charge the homeowner’s credit card charge before you make the delivery, then once you confirm the delivery, the money will be in your account in as little as one day. No, we’re not kidding!