Reduce Delivery Costs
By Up to 30%

Droplet Pro reports all of your customers' oil tank information right back to a central dashboard. Here you will see tank levels, consumption rates, and history for all the installed tank monitors.
We’ll even integrate this into your back-end software so your existing ticket system only gets better.
Take the #OneDropChallenge and eliminate one delivery a year for each of your automatic delivery accounts. How much would you save?

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Fuel oil dealer dashboard allows dealers to reduce the number of deliveries, and save up to 30% on delivery costs.
Smart Oil Gauge uses ultrasonics and reports tank levels right to the fuel oil dealer’s back office software.

Dealer portal displays tank levels and delivery history, while our mobile apps
give the homeowner peace of mind over their oil level.

Branded customer apps give customer peace of mind over their heating oil tanks.

Eliminate unnecessary deliveries, and the savings will go straight to your bottom line.

Branded customer app gives homeowners peace of mind that they won’t run out of heating oil.

Why Tank Monitors?

  • Increase your average drop size
  • Eliminate unnecessary deliveries
  • Prioritize deliveries during cold snaps
  • Take trucks off the road
  • Never have another runout
  • Gain a stickier customer with the latest smart home technology

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