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Online and in-app ordering of heating oil and propane
Modern delivery software for heating oil and propane companies

Software - For The
Office And The Truck

Designed for small to medium-sized fuel delivery providers on the go. Droplet delivery software allows you to spend less time planning your day, and more time running your business.

Heating oil and propane account management tools

Modern Back-Office Software

View all of your customers in one spot. Easily generate and print delivery tickets in the order you'd like. Filter and sort by tank level, degree days due, last delivery date and more.

  • Quickly view tank levels
  • Easily manage upcoming deliveries
  • Seamlessly generate tickets
  • Charge stored credit cards before delivery
  • Automatically process credit card refunds when the delivery is finalized

Smart Degree Day

Meet our Smart Degree Day Software: Best-in-class degree day prediction that automatically learns with every delivery.

  • Intuitive setup for both Will-Call and Automatic Delivery accounts
  • Gallons and Degree Days Due readouts
  • Automatically adjusting K-Factor
  • Adjustable low-level alerts
Smart degree day software for managing fuel deliveries

Routing Solutions

Droplet routing tools save you precious time planning your routes. Build a route with just a few clicks, assign it to a truck, and have the driver hit the road.

  • View all orders on the map as soon as they arrive
  • Sort and filter customers by tank level, degree days due, fillable gallons, and more
  • Get live updates on delivery progress
  • Manage routes and add stops from the office
get truck routing software for your heating oil or propane delivery company
get truck routing software for your heating oil or propane delivery company

Driver Display

Allow your drivers to focus on what’s important: delivering fuel. Our driver interface shows the full manifest for the day. When a stop is complete, the driver clicks ‘complete’ and then the address for the next stop appears below.

  • Individual driver accounts
  • Turn-by-turn directions in Waze, Google Maps, and more
  • Customizable driver privileges: full control for owner-operators, or limited control so the office staff can finalize the deliveries
add online ordering to your heating oil or propane website

Online Ordering

Easily add online ordering to your site. Process credit card orders at Utility Rates and avoid the 3% processing fees.

  • Mobile-first responsive design
  • Guest checkout or login for returning customers
  • Automated email confirmation
  • Zones, tiers, and price offsets
  • Easily process credit card refunds or overage charges from Droplet
  • Sell multiple products: heating oil, propane, diesel, etc

Tank Monitoring Solutions

Know who's low. And who's not

Our Smart Oil Gauge® is not only the #1-selling heating oil monitor, it also ties directly into your Droplet Fuel dashboard.

Monitor difficult-to-predict accounts to eliminate runouts. Prioritize stops when bad weather hits and increase delivery efficiency.

Fuel oil back office software with tank level monitoring

Smart Oil Gauge

Droplet tank monitors use precision ultrasonic technology to measure the oil tank hourly. With built-in WiFi communication, setup takes just minutes with only a pipe wrench, pipe dope, and the homeowner's WiFi password.

Smart Oil Gauge uses ultrasonics and reports tank levels right to the fuel oil dealer’s back office software.
A modern website built for heating oil and propane dealers

E-Commerce Sites

Upgrade your site with one of our sleek E-Commerce sites. Accept credit cards online and grow your will-call gallons this season.

  • Mobile-first responsive design
  • Attract next-generation oil & propane buyers
  • Update pricing and manage orders from Droplet dashboard


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